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Most agencies sell websites. Why don't you?

Websites, in order for them to continue to drive traffic to the business, must be managed.  To sell a website to a business and walk away may bring us income from the sale and give the business owner a web presence, but most business owners and staff are not “managing” the websites or optimizing them. They will just “let the website do its thing!” Well, like any form of marketing, it needs to be tweeked. Our basic offer does not include the content marketing  System that inlists over hundreds of popular websites.

Does your basic package include Paid ads?

Sure, we will manage ads like Facebook based on the amount of ad spend our clients are budgeted for.  For example, the website we have provided for and manage along with Facebook  ad management, is covered in our basic monthly fee. All adspend dollars are not included. 

How do I manage my website?

You don’t! You and your staff have enough of things to do! We manage your digital presence so that you have ongoing customers that need your services. 

Should I offer discount incentives?

Sure – why not? While it is true that we would love every customer to purchase the most profitable services, the lower cost services can help pay for the day to day business expenses while you are building relationships with your new customers!

What about my competition?

Your competition no doubt has a marketing agency that is using the old school methods for running ads. Facebook, Instagram, Google PPC ads cannot compete with the hundreds of content sites your business will be showcased on. No need to worry about the competition.

I have heard that PPC ads are the best at increasing traffic?

PPC ads, in order to be cost effective, requires split testing with many variables possible. It is only one channel and can be a very expensive channel. What might work well now may not work well later. Your competition can “spy” on your advertising data and try to dublicate it. Trying to copy our methods across hundreds of media outlets is futile!