Poor Reviews Robbing You Of Leads?

Are your leads migrating to your competition?

Businesses that proactively collect reviews from their customers online get over 95% positive reviews. Now we are not asking you to do this. Why? You already have enough to do running your business. You cannot expect your staff to do this and do it right?  We manage the whole process so you can do what you do best.  Our staff already provides this service.

If your "back end" (poor reviews) is sabotaging your front end, (new leads turning away) call us to find out how cost effective our service is. The problem with negative reviews is the silent damage it is causing in your marketing budget and the loss of warm leads you are depending on. This is silent because you are not aware of a prospect who is searching Google for the service you provide.  They will look at your review ratings and automatically bypass you if your competition has a better review ranking.

Anyone who has shopped on Amazon uses ratings as a serious guide to decide what they will buy...every time they shop!  Does our review service pay for itself and then provide a positive ROI? Yep! You really have nothing to lose except poor reviews!

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